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This is a little story about


The Bamba Businesses are the brainchild of Jamie Henson,  AJ Benzon and Brad Ferguson. The Vic Falls locals are involved in a number of lodges, and noticed that guests were struggling to find cheap, reliable transport. 

So when COVID hit, they sat down and made a plan.  A few months later the Bamba Bus was born, Bamba meaning "to catch" in the Shona language. It offered the town's first hop-on, hop-off bus service to locals and tourists alike.

No sooner had they refurbed three classic T35 Mazda buses (the quintessential Zimbabwean mode of transport), than the opportunity came along to run the town's only tram ride. So it was that the Bamba Tram was born, and now takes tourists into our stunning National Parks or to the historic bridge to view the Falls three times a day.


The buses and tram were completely refurbished by local artisans and mechanics in keeping with the company's "keep it local" ethos.

So, whether you are on our buses or on the tram, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

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